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Kurima Mari

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ver: 3.2.1


Kurima Mari is for all farmers and extension agents, bringing the information and contacts you need to improve and increase production in farming. There is specific information on crops and livestock, direct links to the experts in your area and tips on how to reach your market.

We hope you find it useful.

The app has been developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development together with WHH, CTDO, WE EFECT and ICRISAT working together in the EXTRA project based in Midlands, Zimbabwe. EXTRA is working to improve food security and nutrition through new and varied ways to access extension advice. ETRA is funded under the UK Aid LFSP Project administered by FAO. Please do send us your questions and comments by SMS to 0777453917. The first word in your SMS must be EXTRA.


# APK Ver 32bit APK 64bit APK APK Download
1201 3.1.9

1205 3.1.9

1801 3.2.0

1804 3.2.0

4098 3.2.1